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Feb 09, 2020 | Dr. Richard Hogue

Joseph Lived Impossible

The impossible takes place when the Holy Spirit moves in a situation and changes the natural law and order of the universe to create the good will of the Lord Jesus. It is that simple and that complex. At times, the Holy Spirit intervenes immediately and instantaneously alters the circumstance, and the impossible occurs. At other times, the process of impossible takes time. For the Christian, this period of time can be extremely trying and frustrating. But there is a way through the frustration, especially when it is understood that the process of Impossible is occurring even though the impossible has not been fully realized.

It is critical for the Christian, who is believing for the impossible, to not grow weary and abandon hope, but to draw as close to the Lord as possible, stand firm, and keep believing!

I. Starts with an Impossible Need… Genesis 37:28 

II. Sustained by the Supernatural… Genesis 39:3, 21, 23; 41:14-16 

III. Strengthened at Every Opportunity… Genesis 40:14 

IV. Seized when Offered… Genesis 41:44-46

Series Information

Senior Pastor Richard Hogue chronicles people in the Bible who triumphed over impossible situations and helps us examine the principles which allowed them to "live in the impossible."

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