Overcoming Toxic Shame

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Aug 25, 2019 | Dr. Richard Hogue

Overcoming Toxic Shame

1 Samuel 9:15-21

There are many hindering emotions, but some are toxic to the degree that they are overarching and effect other emotions. One of the most significant of these is the dangerous emotion of toxic shame. Toxic shame is an all-pervasive sense that one is flawed and defective as a human being. Toxic shame differs radically from guilt. Guilt can lead to repentance, but toxic shame offers no chance for reconciliation. Guilt says, "I have made a mistake," but toxic shame says, "I am a mistake." This type of shame arrives viciously and grows more deadly from that point.

If toxic shame is not overcome, it will destroy all hope of a productive life, and in most situations, become a powerful motivator of compulsions, co-dependencies, addictions and even the drive to super-achieve. It leads to a life of destructive behaviors where families are destroyed, opportunities are missed, individuals are wounded, and lives are wasted. The good news of the Scripture is that toxic shame can be overcome and with it the disgrace and embarrassment of the past forever removed.  

I. The Cause of Toxic Shame…

  • The Negative Self-Evaluation… 1 Samuel 9:21
  • The Negative Evaluation of Others… 1 Samuel 18:7
  • Major Reinforcing Failures… 1 Samuel 13:8-14  

II. The Consequence of Toxic Shame…

  • A Sense of Worthlessness… 1 Samuel 10:22
  • Constant Need for Affirmation… 1 Samuel 15:17-24
  • An Inability to Receive Success… 1 Samuel 20:30-34

III. The Cure of Toxic Shame…

  • Acknowledge the shame…
  • Acknowledge any sin that brought shame…
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to free you from shame…
  • Act against the shame…

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Senior Pastor Richard Hogue presents ways to win victory over the enemy and see the healing and provision of God in our lives.