Prayers of Desperation

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Jul 21, 2019 | Dr. Richard Hogue

Prayers of Desperation

There are countless ways to pray and ask God to move miraculously. At the top of that list is what the Bible refers to as a cry of desperation. Though it is often loud, this prayer is not about volume. Rather, it is an act of distress and desperation. It is a fervent expression of faith in God and absolute trust in His goodness and power to act on behalf of an individual.

The Old Testament contains several words which are translated as a cry of desperation. Zaaq is a cry of deep distress; Tsaaq is a cry for help; Ruwa is a war cry; and Shava is a cry for help. In each instance, it is a desperate cry to God that brings results. That same idea is brought forward in the New Testament, and each time it takes place, remarkable miracles occur.

Tragically, many Christians have lost an understanding of the cry of desperation, and are even embarrassed by that type of fervent praying. Some believe the cry of desperation indicates a lack of faith, but nothing could be further from the truth. As a result, the church does not experience many of the miracles the Lord has for His people. If ever there has been a time for Christians as individuals and as the church to re-embrace the power of the desperate cry, it is now. When that happens, the power of the enemy will be shattered, and the church will once again fully walk in the miracles of God.

 I. The Command for a Desperate Cry… Psalm 50:15; Jeremiah 33:3

II. The Characteristics of a Desperate Cry…

  • Directed… Psalm 34:17; 56:9
  • Desperate… Psalm 18:6; 34:6
  • Determined… Psalm 27:7; 28:1-2; 55:16-18

III. The Consequence of a Desperate Cry…

  • A child raised from the dead… 1 Kings 17:20-22
  • An individual saved from death… 2 Chronicles 18:31
  • A victory achieved… 2 Chronicles 32:20-21
  • A miracle of deliverance… Matthew 8:25
  • A miraculous healing occurs… Mark 10:46

Series Information

Senior Pastor Richard Hogue presents ways to win victory over the enemy and see the healing and provision of God in our lives.