The Essential Place of Blessings

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Aug 11, 2019 | Dr. Richard Hogue

The Essential Place of Blessings

Blessing is a place. It is never circumstantial, nor material, nor dependent upon any force outside of the activity of God. Blessing can blossom in the most inhospitable environments. God brings a Christian into blessing intending to accomplish His purpose. At times, that Christian may be surrounded by the most strident unbelief, debase unrighteousness, or even catastrophic natural conditions. Without entering into the place of blessing, the Christian is dependent upon and often controlled by the forces of the moment, but blessing ensures the resources of heaven to enable one to negotiate the possible pitfalls, rise to fulfill destiny, and achieve absolute victory.  

I. The Place of Blessing is Entered by Commitment… 1 Samuel 1:11-18; 24-28 

II. The Place of Blessing is Thoroughly Divine... 

  • Divine Presence… 1 Samuel 2:26 
  • Divine Protection… 1 Samuel 2:32-36 
  • Divine Provision… 1 Samuel 3:19-21

III.  The Place of Blessing Releases the Supernatural… 1 Samuel 3:7-18

Series Information

Senior Pastor Richard Hogue presents ways to win victory over the enemy and see the healing and provision of God in our lives.